Business Planning

Business Planning

Entity Planning – The SFC works with your legal and accounting team to structure business entities and operations in the most effective manner. We separate risks and protect operations by effective entity creation and restructuring. We also work to develop the ownership of such entities in a tax favorable, estate-friendly way.

Business Continuity/Transition – We work with a company’s owners to understand how they would like their business to operate if they become disabled, pass away or want to retire. We facilitate the conversation with your attorneys to have your goals clearly communicated with the legal group, so the documents they create match those goals.

Concierge Program – At the SFC, we do everything from coordinating benefits, to paying bills, to managing money and all of your insurance to working with or referring a CPA and Attorney. These professionals can bill clients separately at a negotiated rate which can be drafted from their account. We also do extensive income tax planning.

CFO Program for Businesses – We work with a company’s controller, existing CFO or CEO depending on its size and the desire of leadership. We provide and/or coordinate benefits, retirement programs, business continuity planning, asset purchase review, tax planning, investment management, insurance planning, key employee planning, business transition planning and expense review and help to link the company business plan with the client’s personal plan to maintain financial continuity.

Buy and Sell – We review existing agreements, discuss the goals and objectives of ownership and then work with counsel to develop a clearly written buy sell that addresses those concerns. We also work to make sure the Buy Sell is funded instead of being the company’s unfunded mandate. We also like to make sure that each agreement addresses the owners’ death, retirement, disability, divorce, and long-term care needs.

Benefit Coordination – We review all of the company’s benefits, including retirement plans, health, life, disability, business interruption and commercial insurance coverage. It is our goal to make sure that all benefits meet the appropriate levels of price, coverage and the client’s goals. We also like to coordinate the client’s personal goals with these benefits. This provides the opportunity to tie together both the company and personal plans, decreasing the amount of overlap and creating continuity of planning.

Key Personnel – We work with the ownership to provide packages for key personnel in an effort to retain key talent, protect against loss of that talent and build a future with the great personnel the company maintains.

Tax Planning – Our firm does not provide tax advice. However, we do work with the client’s tax preparers to find innovative solutions and programs to help provide significant tax savings today and in the future. This joint effort has been key in providing substantial tax savings to our clients.


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