Core Beliefs

At Strategic Financial Concepts, we operate our business based on a series of core beliefs.

Our Culture of Trust. We believe that trust isn’t “nice to have,” it is a must-have in today’s financial relationships. This includes trust between associate and client, trust between client advocate and trusted advisors and trust within our own culture that inspires us to do our best work possible.

A Philosophy of Independence. It is our belief that independence is the most effective means of developing objective, client-focused recommendations. Through our independence—freedom from a single source of investments or planning options—we can provide our clients with access to a stronger, more well-rounded program.

An Attitude of Teamwork. We believe that everything is more productive, not to mention more fun, when it is done in collaboration with other like-minded individuals. Throughout our firm, we seek to leverage expertise and resources so we can provide integrated solutions for our clients.

A Position of Strength. In making financial decisions, we believe it is always best to operate from a position of strength. We work hard to be an industry innovator, proactively finding new and better approaches to both financial planning and investing. Adopting a proactive perspective makes us better able to guide our clients toward their goals.

“Doing It Right,” Leads to Success. We believe that there is no more important mantra in this business than the simple concept of doing it right. This means treating each other with respect, courtesy, honesty, fidelity and sincerity. When we do this, anything is possible.

Client-Driven Commitment. Our success is directly linked to that of our clients. If we focus on doing the best for them, we will achieve our own mission. We foster a high-engagement service model that treats every client as part of the SFC family.

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