Rick Tarbell

Rick Tarbell

Financial Advisor

Over 30 years of experience helping investors with their financial goals.

BBA Degree, University of Iowa, 1980


I believe it is my responsibility to help my clients make informed decisions that will move them toward the financial independence they desire. I strive to achieve this by providing them a better understanding of their personal and business assets, as well as insurance and investments – all in the context of the world in which we live. With the ultimate goal of generating income for retirement, I believe a balanced approach is important and our investment strategies reflect this, taking into account areas such as, tax efficient strategies and a client’s tolerance for fluctuation of assets.


  • University United Methodist Church, Member
  • BSF San Antonio North class, Admin team
  • Rotary Club of San Antonio, Oak Hills
  • Active Member since 1989
  • Past Board Member
  • Past President, 2008-2009
  • President, 2019-2020